Comcure Offsite Backups

Comcure is a great free website backup service, Many people overlook backups thinking there webhost will never loose any data but they do.

Setup Comcure for your website and automated cloud backups run every day keeping your data and databases safe, you can even rewind your site to a previous version at a click of a button.

Comcures free plan is good enough for most sites, if you do outgrow this you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Comcure Secure Offsite Cloud Backups

Comcure Secure Offsite Cloud Backups



Comcure enables a rewind button for your website. Whether your host goes offline, your site is hacked, or your developer makes a costly mistake, Comcure will allow you to rewind your website’s changes up to 60 days. Best of all – it’s completely free.


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