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Stats updated: 18-02-2020 18:02 is hosted in Unknown, The sites Alexa ranking shows it is not very well established on the internet, Google page speed result is slow 1 out of 100, this should be improved, The site doesn't use social media much so doesn't benefit from the exposure.

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To participate in our affiliate program, just enable private files from my account.

Site features:

  • File and Remote upload.
  • Max upload video size: 4GB.
  • No storage limit, but don't abuse it as personal storage.
  • Videos can be embedded.
  • Subtitle (.srt) support for videos.
  • No restrictions for users, they can watch as much as they want.

Rules and Conditions for affiliate program:

  • 1 view is counted for each IP per 24 hours; user has to view at least 20% of the video.
  • Video run-time must be above 5 minutes.
  • Any kind of porn/nudity is not allowed.
  • All your videos should abide by our TOS.
  • Minimum payment is $10.
  • Payments are made every Tuesday/Wednesday. Screenshot