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Stats updated: 23-08-2019 20:08 is hosted in Switzerland and the domain is registered with, The sites Alexa ranking is very good and shows the site is very well established on the internet, Google page speed result is great and shows the site has 90 out of 100, The site doesn't use social media much so doesn't benefit from the exposure.

Description: Vidto Watch publish share videos. DNS Health Alexa Information

To participate in our affiliate program, just enable private files from my account.

Site features:

  • File and Remote upload.
  • Max upload video size: 4GB.
  • No storage limit, but don't abuse it as personal storage.
  • Videos can be embedded.
  • Subtitle (.srt) support for videos.
  • No restrictions for users, they can watch as much as they want.

Rules and Conditions for affiliate program:

  • 1 view is counted for each IP per 24 hours; user has to view at least 20% of the video.
  • Video run-time must be above 5 minutes.
  • Any kind of porn/nudity is not allowed.
  • All your videos should abide by our TOS.
  • Minimum payment is $10.
  • Payments are made every Tuesday/Wednesday. Screenshot