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Stats updated: 20-10-2019 01:10 is hosted in Unknown and the domain is registered with, The sites Alexa ranking is very good and shows the site is very well established on the internet, Google page speed result is good and shows the site has 77 out of 100, The site doesn't use social media much so doesn't benefit from the exposure.

Description: No description found. DNS Health Alexa Information was made to give any user the opportunity to share any file completly free without any limitations.
Sharing files with friends should be made as simple as you never imagined before.
We want to offer a 100% fair and transparent system to share files. We’re trying to pay as much as possible to our affiliates, while we try to keep the platform userfriendly with a limited number of advertising.

Why you should use us?

- We always aim to hit the highest quality for affiliates and users
- fully responsive -> mobile friendly

- No limits on downloadspeed
-no captcha
- 100% reliable
- no readymade scripts
- clean and minimal design

Main features

- High affiliate rates. Earn up to 40 $ per 10.000 downloads/views
- 5Gb maximum File Size
- Unlimited Storage
- zoom uploader support
- no Paid features. Everything is free for everyone.
- Premier Accounts for loyal affiliates (invitation only)
- share without any limitations. No Upload and Downloadspeed limitations

Technical features

- Regular upload
- Remote url upload
- FTP Upload
- display the most common file types directly in browser:

Audio: MP3;AAC;Ogg Opus;WebM Vorbis;WebM Opus;WAV-PCM
Video: MP4; WebM; Ogg Theora
Docs: .html; .php; .txt

- encoding of video files to a browser-streamable format (mp4) in our filemanager, while keeping the resolution the same: upload HD, stream HD
- subtitle support
- Remote Download from foreign Filehosts
- Torrent Upload (planned)


- The minimum payout amount is $20 USD.
- Requested payouts are processed within 24 hours.
- Downloads/Streams are counted up to 3 times every 24 hours per IP.
- Rewards arent counted strictly per view. Its depending on the conversion of advertisements on player ADS
- Attempting to gain revenue using misleading/unethical methods, such as spamming, will result in an immediate ban.
- Any non browser downloads are counted by factor 0.1

Payment Methods: Paypal, Bitcoin, WMZ

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